Name Learning Games

* Ant Game: All ants are moving around in the group. When at some point in time the moving is interrupted (the music stopped), the ants have to meet in pairs. The referee then tells everybody.. Learn To Play Ant Game

* Balloon: Each player inflates his balloon and writes his name on it. Once the game starts, all players throw their balloon in the air and take any other balloon. They then.. Learn To Play The Balloon Game

* Behind The Curtain: You need one opaque blanket to play the game (or something similar to separate to people so they can't see each other). The game is best played at a door frame..Learn To Play Behind The Curtain

* Grab Him - All players are standing in a circle, one place is left free. The right neighbor of the free space may then call the name of any other player ("A"). This player's left neighbor must move to the empty spot..Learn To Play Grab Him

* Grapevine - Each player gets pen and a paper note and has to write (or draw) a few things about him on the paper - Name, hobbies, occupation, etc - you can adapt that to the situation at hand, to the theme of the meeting..Learn To Play Grapevine

* I Am Sitting In The Green And Love - You need one more chair the than the number of participants. The players are sitting in the circle on chairs, one chair is empty. The player left of the free chair starts the game. He moves over to the free chair..Learn To Play I'm Sitting In The Green And Love

* Mailman - Played when sitting in a circle. It can be played by a group of at least eight players. You will need a newspaper and chairs. The players are sitting in a circle on chairs. One player is standing in the middle, holding a rolled-up newspaper..Learn To Play Mailman

* Name Ball - You will need a small, light ball (like a ping pong ball) and each player needs a small cup. The players are standing in a circle, holding their cup. One player throws the ball high into the air in the center of the circle. At the same time, he calls the name of another player..Learn to Play Name Ball

* Name Juggling - All players should have heard each other's names, the game is then good for better memorizing them. You need several smaller balls easily distinguishable (by color, shape, size, etc.). The players are standing in a circle. The first ball (say, the blue one) is put into the game..Learn To Play Name Juggling

* Peng - It can be played to learn the names of others in your group, but the names should be mentioned beforehand. No equipment is needed. The players are standing..Learn To Play Peng

* Radio - The players are sitting (or standing) in a circle, one player ("A") is in the middle of the circle. Another player ("B") is selected to start..Learn To Play Radio

* Switching Names - First, you have to make sure everybody knows each other's names. The participants are standing in a circle. Always two players (let's call them A and B) are standing..Learn To Play Switching Names

* Web of Yarn - For up to 20 people. The participants are sitting in a circle (on chairs or on the floor). The Trainer is holding the end of the yarn. The tells something about himself..Learn To Play Web Of Yarn

* Who is missing? You will need an opaque blanket. The players are standing in a circle. Everybody should know the names of the other participants, so let at least everybody say his name..Learn To Play Who Is Missing

* Your Reputation Precedes You - Helps train the names of members of the group. The names should already be known before playing the game..Learn To Play Your Reputation Proceeds You

* Zipp Zapp - All participants except one need a chair or pillow to sit on. The players are sitting in a circle, one player is standing in the center. He randomly selects any other player, points at him and gives one of the following commands..Learn To Play Zipp Zapp

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